We have a new greenhouse system that grows pure, healthy vegetables with 27 minerals. We also have a new machine that generates heat and electricity from renewable fuels. Production is year round and offers a great return on investment.

Our products are:
• Pure: no harmful bacteria or contaminants; irrigation water is treated to a pure state
• Healthy: grown with 27 minerals
• Clean: no soil is used – 100% hydroponic
• Competitive in price with field crops

Ron Tuttle, Coldstream BC, and supply and advisory network.
The technology package of Salad Greenhouse is the result of his work over a period of 23 years which included the design and operation of 5 pilot facilities and an expenditure of over $2 million. Methods for crop growing are proprietary and available in writing for staff training.

Greenhouse lab #5

First large experimental greenhouse

Growing salad crops under lights in Central Alberta

Our market is everyone who wants a long, healthy, lifestyle. Our pure salad vegetables and other products are part of a lifestyle that can make this happen. We have done 5 market surveys which confirms the market size as big.

We are starting in BC.
Our vision is operating SG on four continents, growing, processing, and selling fresh pure food and health supplements, locally, year round.

We welcome joint venture partners.

We are highly profitable because we have a comprehensive package that other greenhouses lack:
• Gross profits range from 30% to 100% depending on location in the world and crops
• No soil is used, meaning we can locate anywhere
• Production is year round
• Jobs are year round
• We use less water for irrigation
• Irrigation is recirculating which save minerals and is pollution free
• One crop per month
• Secure cash flow with direct marketing
• Our biomass generator provides heat and electricity which lowers costs