Over the years Ron Tuttle has made many statements about fossil fuels, climate change, and food production.  Statements were made in front of many committees, boards, and general meetings with the oil, gas and coal industries in Alberta in an attempt to raise interest and money.  These unpopular statements were against the burning of fossil fuels because the burning of fossil fuels creates climate change which has a destructive effect on agriculture.  This would raise the price of food worldwide, and push the advancement of the greenhouse industry as a method of growing crops.  Many years later these statements have come true, and the worst is yet to come.

In 2010, while raising funds for Salad Greenhouse, the word "public company" was used in some presentations.  This was considered a "misstatement" by the Alberta Securities Commission and a Cease Trade Order on shares in the company was made for 6 months, ending in January 2011.  There was no fine.  Since 2011, Salad Greenhouse has been a company in good standing.  Unfortunately, the notice of this order remains on the internet.

For information purposes, SG Alberta Inc. was set up as a possible joint venture in Alberta.  This company was later merged with Salad Greenhouse Inc. as a matter of efficiency.