Cancer Description

Cancer cells can be defined as cells that forget to die. 40% of people are now getting cancer, and  avoiding cancer can be just plain luck. Cancer cells are formed anywhere in the body and ride in the bloodstream until they are killed by killer T cells, or lodge and hide in tissues to form tumors.  When blood vessels are gummed up and clogged with plaque (from animal protein) and cholesterol (from sugar and alcohol) the more hiding places there are for roving cancer cells. 

Cancer Prevention

Immunotherapy, or the use of one's own immune system, is a successful and proven method of treating and suppressing cancers.  The components of CEMA, made by Salad Greenhouse, are known to strengthen the immune system.

Cancer can be prevented by keeping blood vessels clean, and having an effective immune system that kills cancer cells.

T cells are found in the blood stream and are components of the immune system.  Killer T cells routinely kill cancer cells.  Therefore, the idea of keeping a healthy population of T cells to prevent cancers makes sense.

Search “Killer T cells and cancer”  on You Tube for more - its astonishing.

Killer T cells attacking cancer cell

Dead cancer cell

CEMA is Unique

Salad Greenhouse is a leader in the design and operation of new equipment and methods for growing food in greenhouses.

CEMA (chlorophyll, electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants) is a living superfood grown and made only by Salad Greenhouse.  CEMA is made from select plants that are grown with 27 minerals in the irrigation water.  The minerals are taken up by the plants and “biocombined” with organic compounds in the plant; in other words they become part of the plant.  
“Biocombined” minerals in the plant makes them 100% available for digestion.  This does not happen with chemically bound mineral supplements; for example, zinc chloride which is a supplement.  The cells in our body benefit from the availability of minerals and nutrients to function and reproduce naturally, which leads to overall health.

Field grown plants can vary in mineral content a few feet from one another. 
Most field crops are grown with around 6 minerals and can’t be relied on to deliver a wide range of minerals.  

Uniformity of minerals are found in the ocean.  Ocean plant and animal life is disease resistant because minerals are abundant and adequate.  There is a remarkable absence of cancer and infectious diseases in ocean life even though a teaspoon of ocean water can contain millions of viruses and bacteria.

CEMA is rich in fat soluble ("living") chlorophyll and biocombined minerals, and the components are  known to maintain healthy blood vessels.  The chlorophyll in CEMA cleans and clears blood vessels of plaque and cholesterol.  Open blood vessels allow blood to deliver nutrients to cells, remove metabolic wastes, and allow immune cells access to the smallest blood vessels.  Immune cells clean up bacterial and viral invaders (antigens), and attack cancer cells found in vessels and tissues.

Our immune system is strengthened with the minerals it needs to maintain and renew immune cells.  Immunotherapy, or the use of one's own immune system, is an expanding and successful method of treating and suppressing cancer. 
The components of CEMA are known to strengthen the immune system.

CEMA, Diet, and Exercise
Drinking CEMA once a day should be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise.  They all work together.  Like other preventative measures, taking CEMA is best started when in good health.  See  

The components of CEMA are known to prevent disease and cancer, promote health, and extend life.  It is not a drug and we make no claims that it “cures” any disease.

We make no claims that CEMA prevents cancer.  However, the individual components of CEMA are known to play a role in the prevention of cancer.  In the medical journal Cancer Causes and Control the authors concluded that “ vegetables and fruit contain the anti carcinogenic cocktail to which we are adapted.  We abandon it at our peril.”